About Us

Image3Here at ShopOnMain, we believe small businesses are the backbone of America. That the dreamers that start and run them are heroes to be celebrated.

Small businesses serve our communities and employ our citizens. They’re real people doing the things that make this country great. ShopOnMain is a new tool, built just for them.

We’re specialists at this thing called Internet Marketing. We cut our teeth with the internet as it went from being a novelty to something no business can afford to ignore.

How can it be best used to connect people with the businesses that can best serve them? To connect real businesses with the customers they want to serve?

Until now, there’s been no real shopping experience online. It’s all about buying. Point, click, done. But what about the joy of spending a Saturday afternoon wandering through real stores, discovering things you didn’t know you needed? Where is that?

And how do the small businesses that line America’s Main Streets connect with the online shopper? How do they find people that aren’t already searching for them? How do they sell products in a way that lets them connect with and grow a customer base? So far, this doesn’t exist.

Which is why we created ShopOnMain. We’re building a solution to the challenges above. It’s a big goal, but it’s one we think is crucial to the survival and growth of something unique and special: the relationship between small businesses and the people they serve.