1Imagine yourself in an empty store.

How would you design it? What colors would be splashed about and how would the displays be showcased? What would make the space an easy and gratifying place to shop? How would you transform this space into what you want?

Don’t worry about other customers, think about what you want.

Here at ShopOnMain, we believe everyone should have a magical and personalized shopping experience. As human beings, we are different in everything we do, so why shouldn’t shopping be tailored to our individual needs?

When thinking of your dream shop, did you stick to a traditional physical store? Or did you imagine a store that you could “walk into” with a click of a button instead? Is it flashy and vibrantly colored? Or is it minimal in design with a focus on the product?

Now that you have your dream store in mind, we want to tell you that your wishes can come true. And how?

One word: technology.

Why future technology is moving retail towards customized and tailored shopping

2In the last few blog posts, we’ve talked about how Warby Parker has changed the consumer experience by offering an “in home try on” of five pairs of glass to try for customers to see which they like best. It’s a genius idea to bring that sense of touch and sight right to your front door.

But what else will happen in the shopping world? Will drones deliver items to our doorstep within an hour of purchasing? Or perhaps they will bring a few shirts for us to try on so we can see how it fits before buying.

Will our computers have the ability to “print out” swatches of clothing so we can feel a blouse before we purchase it? Or perhaps one day we will have the ability to smell lotion or perfume prior to committing ourselves to a purchase that we will be wearing everyday for next few months.

Technology knows no bounds and it will bring our virtual shopping experience to the next level. But technology can also transform our in-store experience. Imagine being able to shop in-store and never having to deal with the store running out of your size or the ‘perfect’ color you want.

The virtual and physical shopping experience will never be the same once technology takes holds and drives us straight to a utopian shopping world.

Here at ShopOnMain we are dedicated to harnessing technology’s powers so that each and every shopper can enjoy the shopping experience they want—their own version of utopia.

We are excited about our breakthrough approach to shopping and believe our platform will provide an online shopping journey unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Check out what we are doing here.